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Built in 1830 following the completion of the Telford bridge in 1809, the original intention was to create a new Inn to satisfy the demand of people now using Dunkeld as a crossing point over the River Tay.

An Inn it was not to be for almost 200 years however and instead plans were tweaked to create two town houses. One to accommodate the bank manager of the then local bank and now a vibrant music public house, The Tay Bank. The second was for the minister of the adjoining church which now operates an interior design house.


Over the years, the houses were combined into one large home and the lower ground was re-purposed as the local surgery.

In 2016 the new owners acquired the site and went to work with local specialists to return the building to its former glory and original purpose, to welcome guests from far and away, to enjoy a home from home as they visit the endless attractions that Dunkeld has to offer its guests.


Following the extensive renovation and alterations, Tay House now enjoys a luxurious finish that will ensure you and your guests have a relaxing experience in the heart of one of Scotland’s most beautiful villages.


Tay House offers guests the following luxury facilities for exclusive use:


Private dining room and adjoining kitchen, Generous lounge extending into a residents bar, both enjoying open fires, eight en-suite bedrooms, three apartments, gun and locker room, private court yard to the rear and ample parking.



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